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Just What The Heck Is That?

Ignoring the old saying of "Curiosity Killed the Cat" you quickly rush to the package, tearing the string and brown paper away as fast as an excited child on Christmas morning ... completely against the advice Bugs was shouting.

To your disappointment, however, there is nothing inside except more paper and string. But due to all the excitement in the air you failed to notice the small puff of smoke that left the package right after you replaced it on the seat ...

Bugs, who was complaining, "Are we there yet?", finally begins to simmer down.

"It's about time we had some peace and quiet.", you comment to him.

Except it now seems too quiet. Filled with some instinctive dread, you turn to see what has happened ... and to your surprise, you see Bugs holding his head as a puff of smoke hovers above him.

"Hey, Doc ... do you feel hot in ..." In mid sentence, Bugs starts to turn white, and as the smoke covers his whole body, he slowly begins to twist, to bend, to somehow change ...

His ears seem to be somehow sucked back into his head, and he begins to ...

Written by Matt a.k.a.The BrickHouse (edited by wanderer)

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