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Just desserts

You roll back and forth near the pedals as your car rolls to a stop. "What did I ever do to deserve being a kumquat?" you wonder. You lie still, thinking, "No arms, no legs, no mouth... not much I can do. At least, I shouldn't get hungry- I hope."

You lose all track of time as you lie there, reviewing your life over and over, but eventually you hear something. Some kind of animal is approaching. You can hear it stepping about and sniffing all around outside.

Suddenly, a kangaroo pokes its head in through the open driver's-side window. He sniffs, and looks down. "Ahh, a kumquat. I just knew I could smell one around here somewhere," the kangaroo declares. You think, "A talking kangaroo?" But then you remember how you turned into a kumquat, and somehow talking kangaroos don't seem so strange.

"I love kumquats; they're so delicious!" says the kangaroo, reaching down. "I'm doomed!" you fret, "Cursed to be a kumquat consumed by a kangaroo!"

Written by Epiphany

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