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The room...the room came alive and took her!

The woman stares at you with a blank expression on her face, then looks down at the red blotch on her chest that suddenly appeared with what sounded like a weapon firing. You think you see through to the other side, then turn your head away from your own gawking and spill your contents upon the floor, realizing then that you have been freed from your stasis! Backpeddling to the doorway, you see the woman making feeble gestures as she collapses to her knees, and then she disappears in a fuzz of golden light, leaving you with the image of her frightened and warning eyes. As you turn the corner, you catch the literal blur of someone moving diagonally towards the other side of the room you were just in, and you peek back around the corner, camera in hand...

And right in the middle of the air, you see a brief flash of two faint, green glows where the eyes would be on a very tall human. Something stings your eyes and you drop the camera immediately after taking a snapshot on pure impulse alone. In a panic, you hold your hand in front of your face and then notice a tight triad of tiny red dots, moving ever so slightly across your arm and towards your head. You tumble back behind the corner and are on your feet and running by the time you hear yet another one of those whip-like sounds, followed by a blue bolt of energy slamming into the wall at head level behind where you were just standing. As you hit some stairs leading into a higher portion of the castle, you hear an unearthly, beastial bellow coming from behind you, but only as an echo.

You've escaped, for now...

Written by Hypogryph

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