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'Char'ming, aren't you?

Suddenly you feel very sick. You fall to the floor. You grow red fur all over your body while you look at yourself in horror. "What the heck-!", you yell. As your clothes fall into a heap on the floor, probably due to the spell, white fur sprouts on your stomach and crotch. Your nails disappear, and you grow claws in place of them. Then a tail suddenly sprouts from your behind, red fur growing on it too, except for white fur on the underside of it. "Ahhhhhh!", you scream, not only because you are scared but because your body is painfully twisting and turning to a new shape. Then,it is finished. "Ha!Look at yourself!", laughs the woman. She points to a mirror nearby. You stand up and gasp. You're a Vulpix! The woman is busy laughing at your misfortune, and there's a door nearby that seems to lead outside. What do you do?

Written by Xaiver the Charmeleon (edited by wanderer)

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