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It's a large world, after all

...the ceiling appears to be moving away from you. In fact, everything in the room seems to be moving away from you. "Am I falling?" you wonder. No! You're shrinking! In a matter of seconds you have been reduced from nearly six feet tall to just over three inches. And you still can't move!

The woman, who now looks like a giant to you, picks you up in her monstrous hand. "Pesky reporters!" you hear her mutter just before she pops you into a black velvet bag. With relief, you find that you can move again, but you are now trapped in a suffocating cloth prison.

The bag begins to swing and bounce violently. You guess that the woman is walking quickly through the castle. After an eternity of being jostled about, you see the top of the bag opening. The bag turns upside down, and you tumble out unceremoniously and land on a hard surface. Sitting up painfully, you find that you are in...

Written by Funny Animal

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