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It's a small world, after all.

the room goes quiet. You are able to move again, and you turn to find a vampiress preparing to feed on your lifeblood.

"Wait one cotton-pickin' minute!" you shout. "I thought that you were a witch."

The vampiress smiles, revealing her long fangs. "Wherever did you get that idea, silly boy?"

You bristle at being called a silly boy. "Well, I just heard you chanting a spell," you retort. "Right?"

"Wrong," she says, sounding an awful lot like Madeline Kahn.

"What was all that mumbling, then?" you demand, exasperated.

"I was saying grace, of course," replies the vampiress. "I may be immortal, but I'm not godless."

You shake your head at the ridiculousness of the situation. "Well, be that as it may, you aren't going to mooch a meal off me. I'm a werewolf." For effect, you bare your teeth and let them sharpen before her eyes. "I had wanted to lie low during my stay here, but you left me with no choice but to reveal myself."

To your surprise, the vampiress embraces you lovingly. "I've been looking for someone like you to help me keep up the castle!" she cries. "Won't you stay with me and help to terrify the peasants? Monsters get special tax-exempt status from the government here."

Written by Joey Liverwurst

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