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You were TOLD not to look...

   Industrial Light and Magic, you think to yourself. Gotta be ILM. 'Cuz if it's not, I must be crazy.
   The thing you see, that inspires you to doubt your sanity, is some sort of whirlpool, easily 6 feet across, its bottom edge about 9 inches off the ground. An aerial maelstrom. A flying vortex. A --
   You get a grip on yourself. The vortex itself seems to be made of swirling threads of fog in various shades of red, with actinic blue energy bolts arcing between and among the fog-threads. The bolts crackle continually, and it was the very loud "ZAP" which started the whole thing off that got your attention in the first place.
   Air currents swirl around the vortex as its fog-threads weave and spin; you see clouds of dust blown up off the ground, to be sucked into the vortex. As a matter of fact, leaves are getting sucked in -- looks like the swirly thing is getting hungry, because its suction is obviously growing more and more powerful. The arcing energy discharges are getting stronger, too; you can feel your skin tingle and your hair standing on end, as though you were touching a Van de Graaf generator.
   Yep, it's definitely getting worse. At this point, your mind decides it's best to start working again. Newly fortified with the power of rational thought, you decide to...

Written by Ima Pseudonym

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