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Home Alone

So you're the average teenager. Well, not really.

Your dad made the mistake of telling you that he works with a secret government agency, not the Navy, as he told everyone else. This almost cost him his job. You had to vow not to tell anyone what you heard. It's good that your mom didn't get involved. She's a doctor, and the only reason she didn't hear the news is because she's on a 6-month trip to third-world countries to give free medical service to anyone that needs it. Your dad is getting ready to leave for another nine months himself, leaving you with the house and a car, all by yourself.

"Now son", he tells you, trying to look stern and barely making determined, "I don't want any parties thrown while your mother and I are away. We're tracking the elusive Dr. Hex, and that is the least of my worries. You hear me?"

"You know, Dad", you grimace, "if you keep telling me these things, they're going to have to wipe my memory." You shrug. "Anyway, yeah, okay, no parties."

"Well", he answers in the style of a lecturing professor, "you know, we are developing a prototype for a machine that..." He stops himself barely in time. "Oops! Forget I said that. I'd better leave before I say anything else."

Finally, the house to yourself!

"Now, class," your biology teacher drones as he stands in front of the faded picture of a frog's insides, "I want you all to give a warm Franklinville welcome to Dr. Marmago." You can't believe it--in a High School, your teacher is still treating you like first-graders!

"Good afternoon, Dr. Marmago." Oh brother.

"Good afternoon, students," the plain-looking man says with a slight chuckle. "I'm here today to talk to you about DNA. Does anyone know what 'DNA' stands for?"

And this is how your last class of the year goes. He drones on in a patronizing lecture mode, then asks some preschool question for anyone who's listening. You aren't really paying any attention, though. When the whole mess grinds to a halt at the bell, he hands out pamphlets to everyone. On the way out, most of the other kids just throw theirs away, but you just stick it in with your books and walk to your locker to remove everything that's left.

As soon as you get home, you just put all of your stuff on the kitchen table and begin to decide which of it to burn first. You decide on all the Algebra 2 assignments that never made it out of your locker and the pamphlet that guy gave you. Just as you do, you see an advertisement claiming that you could receive half a million dollars if you work with some guy with a weird name and some machine of his. Five hundred thousand dollars just waiting to be taken. Easy enough, you decide, and after about twenty phone calls, you get it all straightened out. You mother would be mailed some forms to fill out, and in one week you would be working with some guy and his invention. Afterward, you'd have a small fortune to spend while mom and dad are both out.

Life is great.

Written by salvarmy3