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by Bill Martin

The full moon rose and the couple camping in the woods waited. He paced around the camp, clearly agitated by something. She followed his every move, as if she didn't want to let him out of her sight.

He paused his pacing, feeling the change about to start.

She waited, wanting to see him change, to be a part of it, and to change herself.

He thought of her with mixed emotions. Love, he felt that since the moment they met. Fear, would what he was drive her away? Now, he felt confusion. She wanted to be like him. She wanted what he knew to be a curse. A curse that had trapped him with no escape.

She thought of the future with excitement. She dreamed of hunts across forests, padding silently through the night. She wanted the ability to follow a trail by scent and to be able to just tilt her head back and howl at the moon. To her it could be summed up with one word, "Freedom".

He felt the change start. Closing his eyes he thought about his curse. His whole life he had spent keeping people away in order to keep his secret. A lifetime keeping a secret that kept him cut off from other people. A lifetime alone. A lifetime of once a month going into the nearest patch of woods, hoping not to encounter some nut out to take a wolf as a trophy.

Eagerly she watched his face as it blurred and grew fur. Bones and muscles rearranged and took on a wolfish shape. Eventually he went down on all four paws as the change finished. Shivering with anticipation she reached out and ran her hands through his thick fur.

He opened his eyes as he felt her hands sensually stroke his fur. Looking at her, he noticed that she was enjoying the sensation as much as he was. He knew she wanted this, and a new thought popped into his head. He would not be alone if she changed too. A part of a quote from a book seemed very appropriate at the moment. "Pain shared is pain lessened." He bit her.

She was in a bliss like state as she ran her hands through his fur. It felt so nice ... up to the point he bit her. The pain brought her back to reality. She felt numb as she saw the bite bleed, and nauseous when she saw him lick her wound till it stopped bleeding.

Both sat down and waited the entire night for her to change. As the sky began to brighten right before dawn they gave up, knowing the attempt was a failure. Both their hopes shattered in an instant. With a sob she threw her arms around him burying her face in his fur. He slowly changed back to human with her tears in his fur and howl of anguish ringing in her ears.

Copyright 1997: Bill Martin <fwmartin@texas.net> . If you want to post this anywhere else, please ask the author for permission first.       Thank you

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