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Rogues' Gallery


Here we have some of the more rarely-seen sights in Las Vegas.


Bane Crow

Hard to know what the big deal is here; I mean, it's just this big ol' loud bird--anybody who's ever lived next door to a Corax can deal with those. But the Garou just seem to go to pieces when these things are around. Weird.

Close to the Surface

This... is it, I guess. Well, whatever it is. Look, just go ask K'to what the heck he meant, okay? I don't want to hear about it anymore.




Now, I don't know about you, but if I'm in a casino at the craps table, and the shooter looks like this... well, that's when I switch to blackjack. Quickly.

Mayor of Las Vegas

Easy to see why there's no renown for offing him. I mean, hitting a guy with glasses? That ain't right. Of course, he probably wouldn't miss a few of those lil' ol' chips...



I've never gotten along with cats. But Minke... she's something different, all right. So clever... and so many questions! If she knows half of what she makes you think she knows, I sure wouldn't want to go up against her.


Puxatawny Pat

Now here's a guy I can respect. Fearless, good at cards, and with that look that says "One of us is quite definitely insane. Shall we find out who?"


A nice guy, really. That Crinos pic must have been taken in spring; he's a little cranky when he wakes up.

Trixie Hill

Pardon me while I just... admire her for a while. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Vision Doll

I apologize for the photo here; it really doesn't come close to capturing the color of the little guy--it does... funny things to cameras. Cute statue, really. It's hard to believe how much fuss there's gonna be over this little thing...


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