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Interesting Territories


The tribes are still getting their act together when it comes to Web pages--yeah, I know, and we're pinnacles of design and execution, right?--so there's not a whole lot out there at the moment. But that just makes the stuff that is there all the more interesting. So here's some other Web sites that are worth checking out.

Garou Stuff

When they're not busy shredding each other, the Garou can actually be pretty fun to hang around. Here's some places well worth looking into. Just don't make too many sudden moves.

(For the last time, Sven, it's YOUR TURN!)
Ever wonder how the Get decide who takes out the garbage? Now you know.

Bone Gnawers - Refuse's Page

Children of Gaia - Longwatcher

Other Rage Stuff

The tribes aren't the only ones with juicy Rage stuff.

Rage Now

He'-ga Wahya's Rage Page

Index of Rage Mailing List Resources

Jason's Rage Links Page

Little Bear's Lore

Rage Lives

Rage Now

Shadowtreader's Page

Corporate Stuff

Pentex hasn't gotten to everybody yet; there's still some okay corporations out there. Besides, we've gotta keep 'em around; if they were gone, who'd print up the darn cards?

Five Rings Publishing Group

White Wolf

ASC Games

Linking Here

You're more than welcome to link here; and if you let us know, we'll be happy to return the favor... just be prepared for an honest assessment of your site along with the link. (And honest assessments of this site are likewise welcome.) All we ask is that you link to the main page (http://www.lycanon.org/kickaha/rage/), since we may move the other pages around to make room for new stuff.

If you just want to put in a text link, that's fine. If you already have a snazzy set of link graphics, that's fine. But if--and we emphasize the word if--you're looking for a button or a graphic for the link, here's a few possibilities to choose from:

Nuwisha Home Page Here's an animated button, in the brief-but-proud tradition of Rage animated buttons. 88x31 pixels; about 10K. Use this one if it doesn't make your page too big.
Nuwisha Home Page A stripped-down, bandwidth-saving version of the same button. 88x31 pixels; about 4.5K.

Unofficial Official Nuwisha Home Page
A banner-ad sized, well, banner ad. 468x60 pixels; about 9K.

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