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NMF: The Adventures of Supergirl 1

by Sean MacDonald

Okay, I've been a bit slow about writing... I hope to correct this by writing several small pieces rather than one large lump.

The title is a take-off of "The Adventures of Superman," a current comic title as well as the TV show title, and reflects "Adventure Comics" in which Supergirl was headlined for a while. I considered using the title "The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl," (which was the title of one comic that featured her), but decided against it as my stories might not be particularly daring...nor was I fond of the comic with that title.

This is just an announcement not a story...expect a story-piece sometime soon. November 4th (Monday) will be the day that Supergirl basically just flies around the city, and is an appropriate time for other characters to notice her. November 5th will have activity, during which she will be unavailable for others to use, and there will be a newsworthy event occuring (a battle of sorts), though it may not compare to the serial wizards being encountered by Wonder Woman, et al.

This (and future) episodes will have footnotes, like this [0], so that I don't have to intrude into the story too much in order to explain things about the comic book version of Supergirl, etc.

November 4th, Monday morning

Sean awoke, and with a just-waking forgetfulness, was again suprised by her surroundings, her clothes, and, most of all, her body, until once again, her memory of the past few days came back, of how she had been transformed at the Raucous Chicken Club.

'I don't have to sleep,' she thought to herself [1], 'so why do I continue to go to bed every night?' She realized that force-of- habit might have something to do with it, but was afraid that this might be a sign of depression, that she was unwilling to face life as Supergirl, and therefore wasted time each night asleep. 'This has to change. Perhaps I'll start a nightly patrol over the city...'

As she mulled things over, she wandered around the apartment, noting that Jessica was gone, though she left a note which read, "Sorry I couldn't stick around till you woke up, but I have a class to attend. Seeya later, Jess."

Classes. Sean hadn't even thought about what to do about classes yet. Her only class on Mondays was a course in Ancient Greek taught by Dr. Pezzillo, but she had never been good about attending this class, as she had always before been able to learn the material without the lecture. 'In fact,' she thought, 'I may not need to worry much about my classes, at all.' To test her theory, she rummaged around and found her Greek book. Quickly skimming it, she found that she could easily recall anything that she spent even a few seconds glancing at.

'I think I won't be attending class today,' she thought to herself with a smile, and flew out the open window, to enjoy the sunny day.

October 31, evening

A battered, brown, Ford LTD pulled up to the front of the Raucous Chicken Club, and stopped (despite not being in a parking space), with its lights still on. A woman dressed in an elaborate banana costume stumbled out the front seat, awkward in her outfit. "When I find that no-good father of yours, I'm gonna...Oh, I don't know, but it's not going to be pretty," she commented in the direction of the back seat.

"I wanna come with you," whined the young boy who sat alone in the car now, dressed in his favorite costume ever, that of the blue Power Ranger. [2]

"No, dear, this is an _adult_ party; it's not at all suitable for you. Just eat your candy and I'll be right back." With that, she headed towards the entrance.

Timmy hated it when his mother left him alone like this. Still, he did have a rather large haul from his trick-or-treating activities earlier today. After several minutes, he had eaten all the best pieces of candy, and his mother still had not yet returned. He pulled his mask back down, and began to pretend that he was really a Power Ranger. "Go go Power Ranger," he sang repeatedly, with great exuberance but no skill. After more minutes had passed, he decided that Power Rangers don't need to stay in the car.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door. He looked around, as if expecting his mother to come screaming at him for disobeying her orders, and then rushed forward, towards the door he had seen her enter. Just as he brushed past some adults who were trying to slow him down, he heard a loud voice say something about "fakes"...

[0] This is just a test footnote.

[1] The comic book version of Supergirl does not need to sleep in order to rest, but does need to spend some time every now and then resting in order to dream.

[2] This is the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, not the Power Rangers Zeo. I don't know if they made PRZ costumes, but the MMPR costumes were quite popular for young children.

Copyright 1997: Sean MacDonald <mcdonald@vorteb.math.uab.edu> . If you want to post this anywhere else, please ask the author for permission first. Thank you

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