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NMF: The Adventures of Supergirl 2

by Sean MacDonald

Yeah, yeah, it's been a while. For anyone who's interested, there are pictures of a woman dressed in the Supergirl costume that my character was wearing to the party (minus the awful boots) at http://www.tracey1.com/

Also, for new members of the list, this follows NMF: Ensorcelled and NMF: Wiz Kids, as well as the other NMF: Adventures of Supergirl parts. Anyone missing parts can email me for them...

Monday, November 4th, evening

Well, that was certainly a nonproductive day, Sean thought to herself, as she flew back towards the apartment. Still, she felt she deserved some time off from school and other hassles after recent events. Skipping school didn't exactly make her a good role model, she knew, but how could she explain to her classmates, her teachers...or even Fred, her roommate in the dorms.

Later, she thought to herself. These were worries for another time. Perhaps later in the week she would be prepared to tell the world about her change. Perhaps. But for now, she could at least enjoy her newfound powers without fear or shame.

Such were her thoughts as she flew in through the open window of the apartment that she and Jessica now shared.

As Sean entered, Jessica looked up from the table where she was seated, surrounded by a small pile of textbooks, notebooks, and loose paper. "Oh, hi, how was your day?" Jessica asked.

"Oh, very relaxing. I know I shouldn't have missed classes, but still..."

"Don't worry about it. I found a copy of your schedule and talked to your teachers. They were very understanding when I told them about your change."

"Y-you told them?" Sean sputtered, realizing that her secret was no longer so secret.

"Of course. I thought you might feel a little uncomfortable about telling everyone, so I did it for you. I also got a list of homework assignments...it's in here somewhere," Jessica continued as she dug through a pile of papers. "Anyway, your dorm-mate, Fred, he said that he was worried when you didn't come back to your dorm room after Halloween, and all. But don't worry, a lot of students were transformed, so the administration is making special arrangements for all of us. I made sure that your name was added to the list that they've got down at the Quad."

Great. Everybody knew. Everyone on campus, anyway. God, I wonder if my mom'll hear about it...Gah. Sean was flummoxed by the news, and tried to thing of something to say, when there was a knock on the door.

"Oh, that'll prob'ly be Steve. He and I are going out tonight. I hope you don't mind me leaving you alone again."

A date? She's going out with another guy? Sean thought...and then realized, no, she's not going out with _another_ guy. Sean began to realize he'd lost more than his genitals when he was changed; he'd lost Jessica. Who could blame her, Sean thought. After all, if Jessica had turned into a guy, Sean wouldn't have wanted to date her anymore.

She opened the door, revealing Steve, who stepped inside. They hugged, and Jessica said, "Steve, I'd like you to meet my roommate, Sean; Sean, meet Steve."

Sean looked up at Steve, a tall athletic-looking guy with a blonde crewcut. "Uh, nice to meet you," Sean responded more out of instinct than truth.

"Yeah, you too. Who'd ever have thought you were a guy? Man, you're gorgeous," Steve replied, as his eyes wandered from Sean's bare legs and fixated on her chest.

Jessica elbowed him gently in the ribs. "Who's gorgeous?" she demanded, with a sarcastic smile.

"Oh, of course, you are, honey, but geez, I've never seen a guy I'd want to have sex with before." Steve's gaze returned to Jessica to answer her, but returned almost uncontrollably to stare at Sean.

"Yes, well, if you want to have sex with a _woman_ tonight, you'd better start paying attention to me," Jessica responded mirthfully. "And on that note," Jessica continued, turning to Sean, "we'll see you later. Don't wait up." Then Steve put an arm around Jessica and they walked out.

So, Sean thought, this is the way things are. Jessica doesn't, probably can't, love me. And men...they want me. They'll all see me as nothing but breasts and legs.

Sean collapsed to the floor, sobbing. After a few minutes, she realized that she was sitting next to a large pile of comics that Jessica had conjured up, some that even Sean hadn't read. Scooping up the pile, she took them to her private little Fortress of Solitude, realizing now how appropriate that name might be. Soon, she lost herself in the colorful stories.

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