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NMF: The Adventures of Supergirl 4

by Sean MacDonald

I promised "guest-stars" in this installment. Unfortunately, the story twisted away, out of my control. A guest-star does appear at the end, though, and this will lead into my "guest-star story".

Sean awoke in the morning, in her familiar dorm room. Groggily, she got out of her bed and stretched. Out of habit, she gathered a towel, a washcloth, and various other items and headed for the communal bathroom. Walking barefoot through the carpeted halls, she strolled through the open door and turned to her left, where the showers stood. Entering the nearest unoccupied shower stall, she pulled the curtain closed, hung her towel on the curtain rod, set down the other items she was carrying, and stripped off her costume, which she then hung with the towel.

Turning on the water, she luxuriated under the shower's warm caress, feeling more and more relaxed. After a few moments of indulgent pleasure, she proceeded to give herself a good cleaning. As she finished, she turned the water off and reached for her towel...which was no longer there. Nor was her costume.

"Great, what now?" she thought bitterly, dripping wet and entirely naked, as she opened the curtain, hoping to be able to sneak back to her room before anyone saw her. As she did, there was a flash of light which would have momentarily blinded her were her eyes not as super as the rest of her. Instead, she saw a guy she recognized as living in the dorms (though she didn't know his name) holding a Polaroid camera which was now developing the picture he had just taken of her.

"What are you doing?" she asked, momentarily taken aback. Instead of saying a word, however, he simply stepped back and took another picture. She started to walk towards him, but was distracted by a sound behind her. She turned to see another shower curtain opening to reveal Jake Mallory, football champ and Resident Advisor for this floor of the dorms. Apparently, he had just finished towelling off after taking a shower, as he was in the process of covering his firm, muscular body with a towel. As he stepped out of the shower, however, he noticed Sean's naked female form. So startled was he that he dropped his towel, leaving him naked as well.

Another flash of a picture being taken brought Sean out of her reverie and she rushed forward, grabbing the camera and developing pictures away from the shutterbug. "Stop taking pictures of me, damn it!" she yelled at him.

His face filled with fear, he turned and fled. She considered chasing after him when Jake spoke. "Women aren't allowed in here."

She turned to him. "What?"

"Um...this is one of the men's dorms. Women aren't supposed to be in this restroom..." he told her, a bit hesitantly as he picked up his towel while eyeing her chest.

"But...I live here," she replied.

He thought for a moment, wrapping his towel around his waist to hide his obvious arousal. "Oh, you must be Sean. I heard about what happened." He paused, then continued, still staring at her body. "But you can't stay here. That would violate the cohabitation rules."

Sean's heart sunk. She knew that this was true, though she had nowhere else to go. She ran back to her dorm room, planning to pack her stuff and leave. Hanging on the doorknob were her costume and towel. She turned the doorknob, but it was locked. "Damn," she thought, "Fred must have woken up after I did and left, locking the door." She could break the door down, she knew, but that would cause further complications. Life was getting complicated enough without extra hassles. Resignedly, she began to dress, here in the corridor, her frustration slowing her to normal speed, despite her ability to move at superspeed.

One college student walked into the corridor before she had pulled the leotard over her breasts, gasped, and turned to walk the other direction. "Is there anyone on campus who _hasn't_ seen me naked now?" she wondered to herself as she finished dressing. Her boots were still in the room, but she could do without them. She left the camera here in front of the door, but tucked the photos into her belt. As she did, she couldn't help but admire her pictures; the third photo showed her and Jake standing next to each other, both naked. "I'm gorgeous," she thought, "but he's got a nice body, too..." Immediately, she tried to put thoughts of his naked body out of her mind, trying to reassure herself that her admiration for him was mere jealousy over his well-muscled form and not anything sexual.

"Now where?" she thought to herself, before recalling the note Fred gave her about the local NBC affiliate wanting to interview Raucous Chicken "victims".

"Well, this will give me something to do, anyway," she thought. First, she flew back to Jessica's apartment (nobody was home), where she picked up a spare pare of boots. She then flew off to be interviewed.


She talked to various newspeople at the station. They seemed visibly excited about interviewing her, and scheduled her live interview for noon, which didn't give them much time to prepare. They coached her on some of the sorts of questions that they would be asking her, but she still felt nervous about the whole thing. "Can I go through with this?" she wondered. "Can I admit on TV who I was? That I was cross-dressed at the party? My god, my mom watches this station! My mom will know...the whole world will know..."

Nonetheless, she knew that she had to do this sooner or later. She had to tell her story; she couldn't hide forever. She gathered her courage together as she sat in front of the cameras.

"In five, four, three..." she heard a stagehand say, and then they were on the air. "Good morning, this is Doug Daniels for NBC news. With us today is, well, you can call her Supergirl, another victim of the Raucous Chicken Club. Hello, Supergirl."

"Hello, Doug," she replied.

"You weren't always a Supergirl, now were you? Tell us your story, if you wouldn't mind, why you decided to visit the Raucous Chicken Club on this fateful night, why you decided to dress as Supergirl, and what you saw happen that night."

"Well, Doug," she began, "my girlfriend thought that I would look good as Supergirl, and I trusted her judgement." Should I have said "former girlfriend"? she wondered to herself. "And, so, then, when we went, well, everyone was changed."

"But tell us..." Doug began before he was interrupted by a dark figure crashing onto the set, which rushed towards her, saying, "Supergirl, we need you!"

She stared in disbelief, but how could she refuse Batman?


Copyright 1997: Sean MacDonald <mcdonald@vorteb.math.uab.edu> . If you want to post this anywhere else, please ask the author for permission first. Thank you

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