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NMF: The Adventures of Supergirl 3

by Sean MacDonald

For some reason this story is going very slowly. Hopefully, things will pick up a bit after November 6th. The next part will feature several "guest-stars". Then should come the storyline that deals with Jessica and romance and stuff. Then I'll get to skip ahead to Thanksgiving...

Oh, and does anyone happen to remember what day of the month Thanksgiving was on last year? I could dig through some calendars, I suppose...

Late Monday November 4th / early Tuesday November 5th

As Sean read comics in her special Solitude, time passed, and she grew less angry and frustrated, borne away by the whimsical plots and gimmicks of these Silver Age tales... until that time when her superhearing picked up Jessica's return to the apartment. She heard her and her date (Steve...the name was indebily written in her brain thanks to her power of super recall) laughing and giggling as they entered the front room of the apartment. Sean wanted desperately not to hear Jessica having a good time with "that jerk" Steve, but she couldn't help but listen.

Clearly, they were enjoying each other's company. Soon they began to make out. Sean knew that it was just a matter of time before they moved into Jessica's bedroom. "I can't listen to this," she thought. "I've got to get out of here." As the door to Sean's mini-Fortress opened onto Jessica's bedroom, she had to move quickly, but with superspeed this was not difficult. She ran into Jessica's bedroom, opened the window, and flew outside before they could make their way into the bedroom.

Sean hovered for a moment outside, trying to figure out her next move. With X-Ray Vision, she checked to see that Jessica and Steve were moving into the bedroom and undressing each other. "It's not fair," she thought. "She's my girlfriend, and I haven't even seen her naked." Of course, she realized, all she had to was wait a while and she soon would. But, as Jessica kissed Steve again, she knew she couldn't stand to watch this.

But where could she go? She had come to think of Jessica's apartment as home in the few days she had spent here. But she couldn't stay there tonight, she just needed to flee. That left her only one real option. She could go back where she had been living before she met Jessica, back "home" to her dorm room. She hadn't wanted to go there before now, because she didn't want everyone in the dorms to know about her change. But Jessica hold told them all earlier today.

"Damn it," she thought to herself, "I'm not ready for this!" Still, she couldn't think of anywhere else to she could go. Going home to her mom's house was out of the question, and she didn't feel like sleeping on a park bench or on the moon or any similarly uncomfortable place. With a shrug of resignation she took off for the dorms.

Soon, she arrived over her former dorm building. Only a few people were walking about, and none of them had spotted her. Quickly, she flew down to the dorm entrance. She could feel the stares of the various passerbys as she walked forward, determined not to let them shake her confidence. She found her dorm room door, and turned the knob to open it...but it was locked.

"Damn, where did I leave my keys?" she thought, trying to unravel the events of the past few days. As she stood in thought, the door opened and her dorm-mate, Fred, stood there.

He did a double-take. "So, it's true," he commented, with his usual wide grin. "Come on in." As she did, he closed the door behind her.

"All anybody's been talking about lately is that party where everyone changed," Fred continued. "Have you gotten to meet very many of the others?"

"Uh, no, not really," she replied, realizing that apart from Jessica, Dan, Christine, Dave, Gary, and Kinvara, she hadn't really met anyone else from the party, and most of these she had only met because they had magic powers.

"Oh, well. There were some really weird changes. Like one guy, he became a red furry thing, a, uh, 'Tickle-Me-Elmo,' I think. And another guy, who became a big, blue, furry...um, 'Wiggle-Me- Elvis,' I think, and, uh ..."

"Well?" she interrupted. "Aren't you going to ask me what it's like?" She just wanted to get the inevitable questions about her gender change over with as quickly as possible.

"Um, what?"

"You know, now that I'm changed and all, you're probably curious about it, right?"

"Oh. Okay. What's it like having superpowers? That must be really great. I guess you can fly and lift big things too."

"Um, yeah, and a lot more too..." Soon they drifted into a discussion of Supergirl's powers that lasted far longer than she thought it would. After a few hours, Fred finally admitted that he wanted to get some sleep. As they turned in for the night, each in their separate beds, Fred slapped himself on the forehead.

"There's something I was supposed to give you, in case you came back here." He handed her a sheet of paper on which was the address for a local news station, along with a form letter describing how this station very much would like to interview the various Raucous Chicken "victims" and describing the small fee they would pay for such interviews.

As she drifted off to sleep, she thought, "What the hell. I obviously can't hide any longer. What have I got to lose?"

Copyright 1997: Sean MacDonald <mcdonald@vorteb.math.uab.edu> . If you want to post this anywhere else, please ask the author for permission first. Thank you

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