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NMF: Ensorcelled 2

by Sean MacDonald

Okay, this is part two of Ensorcelled, which continues from "NMF Day 3 AND more Day 1", by L.E. (If anyone else wants to interweave characters into a story, let me know.)

Here's a recap of part 1.5, by L.E.:

"Why'd you change again?" Sean asked.

"I think that while I've got this power, I might as well look the part," Jessica answered. "It'll help me identify this part of my life...copies of the dress and stockings are easy to get. The sexy-witch look may stand out around campus, but..."

"Do you think I can go to class at all, as Supergirl? How will I explain what happened to Sean?"

"We'll get through this," said Jessica. "We'll get through this."

They embraced.

Ensorcelled Part Two by Sean MacDonald

Still very-late October 31 (Or very-early November 1)

After they embraced, Sean looked down again at his costume, noting all the subtle differences between the store-bought costume and the one that she was currently wearing. She had to admit that it did look good on her. Sean realized that there was something else that she had to tell Jessica.

"You know what you said about wearing your witch costume... how it would help you deal with the change? I think I understand; I think I'll be wearing this costume for a while. At least until the transformation wears off?"

"Wears off? What makes you think it will?"

"I... I don't know. I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with the alternative yet. But I do know...as long as I've got these powers...well, with great power comes great responsibility, or so I've been told. I think there may be people at the club who need my help. And maybe I can find out how to reverse the transformations."

"You're going back to the club?"

"Yes. If nothing else, it will take my mind off of...you know. Will you come with me?"

"No...not yet. I still need time to come to terms with all of this."

Sean frowned inwardly at her decision, but knew that not everyone was raised on comic-book ethics. "Well, okay, I'll catch up with you later." She then flew out the still open window towards the Raucous Chicken Club once again.

As she flew high into the air, she felt the wind once again caress her, blowing through her hair. Looking down with a start, she realized that she was hundreds of feet up in the air with nothing underneath her; startled, she nearly fell to the ground until her momentary panic subsided and she regained control of her flight power. "This is definitely going to take some getting used to," she muttered to herself.

As she approached the club, she could hear police sirens which grew louder the closer she came. From her aerial viewpoint, she could see that police cars had surrounded the building, and several ambulances had arrived as well. There was a great commotion as people (and things) milled about, frenziedly. Policemen were trying to calm them down, while others began stretching some sort of yellow tape around the building. Sean could barely make out some sort of black markings on the tape. "I wonder what's written on the tape," Sean thought to herself, and found her eyes refocussing so that she could read the words "Police Line--Do Not Cross". "Oh, yeah," she thought, "I've got Telescopic Vision. Geez, some superhero I'm going to make; I keep forgetting I've got powers..."

After checking to make sure that there was no immediate danger, she flew down next to one of the cops and asked, "Can I be of any assistance, officer?"

He was clearly startled by her sudden appearance. As the policeman began to respond, she found herself instead listening to a conversation taking place a dozen yards away. Two teenagers were among the crowd who had gathered to see what was going on and they began to discuss Supergirl.

"Does she, like, have all the powers of Superman?" one asked the other.

"Yeah, dude. She's like his cousin, you know."

"So, she could, like, spin around the earth so fast that time would go backwards?"

"What? That's stupid. You're thinking of that stupid movie, right?"

Their discussion trailed off afterwards. Suddenly, Sean realized that the policeman had finished talking and was staring at her, as if expecting a reply. "I--I'm sorry. Just a moment," she told him, and flew back into the sky.

Time travel. Of course. She could fix it. She could fix everything.

Gathering all her strength, while trying not to listen to those nagging doubts in the back of her head, she prepared to fly faster than ever before, faster than anyone had ever travelled, faster than the speed of light itself. She accelerated suddenly, becoming a blur in the sky. "Must...go...faster..." she thought to herself, as the colors of the buildings and trees beneath her became an indistinguishable smear. The wind whipped violently through her hair and cape, but still she poured on the speed, accelerating faster and faster...until she knew deep inside that she could go no faster, that unlike the comic book Supergirl, her speed did have limits. Reluctant to accept this, she flew onward for minutes more before resigning herself to this fact. She couldn't travel faster than light; thus, she couldn't travel through time.

She began to slow to a stop, while wondering if anyone at the party had dressed as a time traveller. Such considerations would have to wait, however. Looking around, she realized that she could well be in serious trouble. Apparently, during her flight, she had left the earth behind, and was now surrounded by the inky blackness of space, with no planets visible anywhere nearby.


If this is a story, it's copyrighted to Sean MacDonald <mcdonald@vorteb.math.uab.edu> . If you want to post this anywhere else, please talk to the author and get permission first. Thank you

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