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NMF: Ensorcelled 3

by Sean MacDonald

Let's hope I didn't screw up any astronomy...

Ensorcelled Part Three: "Lost in Space"

by Sean MacDonald

Still Early November 1...and later.

Looking around, Sean could not help but remember those fateful words from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the street to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space."

Surrounded by the inky blackness of space, speckled with thousands of points of light, she had to agree. The feeling of weightlessness combined with a lack of landmarks only helped her feel more and more lost. "Damn!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, or tried to; all she accomplished was allowing the air in her lungs to silently disperse in the vacuum of space. "Great," she thought, miserably, "I can't even talk to myself. Still, take things calmly and logically, and let's see if I can't get back home."

She knew that she had flown for only about ten or fifteen minutes, all at less than the speed of light. "But how *much* less than the speed of light?" she wondered. She knew that the sun was only a few, maybe eight, light-minutes from the Earth. So, presumably, she must have travelled quite a few light-minutes from the Earth, or it would be visible. Clearly, while she had gone less than the speed of light, she must have been travelling at near-light velocities.

She wasn't sure how valid her reasoning was, but it was at least a start. Still, she reckoned, the sun ought to still be visible... Looking around, she found what must be the sun, behind her. It looked smaller than normal, but there was no mistaking it.

Now all she needed to do was find the Earth. Of course, her Telescopic Vision would help...but it wouldn't be enough. After all, space is big. She could stare at a billion different places in the sky, and never find the right one, even assuming she knew how much to "focus" her Telescopic Vision. "All astronomical bodies in the solar system reflect the light from the sun," she reasoned, "so, therefore, all I have to do is find out which one of these bright dots is actually the Earth."

Thus, she began a mind-numbing, pain-staking process of staring at each point of light, until she determined it was not the Earth; then, she would stare at another point of light... At times, she would lose track of which stars she had already checked, and had to start over. For hours and hours she continued, cursing her carelessness all the while. "If only I hadn't tried to time travel..." she bemoaned, though with each self-reprimand, she grew more frustrated, and began to lose track more often of which stars she had already examined. She could feel the hours pass, but had no way to keep time; she hadn't worn a watch as Supergirl; for all she knew, days could be passing, and she was helpless to do anything.

Finally, it all became too much for her. The vast emptiness and the ceaseless boredom were pressures too great to bear. She yelled silent curses at herself, at the stars, at the Earth, and at nothing in particular. "If only I hadn't let Jessica dress me up this way," she thought, "Damn her! It's all her fault that I'm now...this." For once, she forced herself to examine her new body, something which she had until now been reluctant to do.

Up to now, she had only felt her new body through the skintight costume, not daring to look beneath, for fear that what-she-knew-must- be-true *would* be true or would *become* true, somehow, as if she would jinx reality by checking on it, as if the change wouldn't be real as long as she didn't accept it.

For the first time, she pulled the tight blue leotard away from her chest and looked down to see her well-formed breasts and female nipples. "That's not so bad," she thought to herself, "I can live with breasts..." Her hands then reached down between her legs, and stopped for a moment, still hesitant to explore the unmapped territory. She realized that her hesitation was akin to that felt when slowly walking into a cold swimming pool, taking each step torturously slow, despite the fact that jumping in all at once would acclimate one much more easily. These thoughts allowed her to stall for time, and she decided to take the plunge, by closing her eyes and stripping...when she was ready, she could open her eyes and see the truth.

With eyes firmly closed, she first unfastened her cape, noting that it now attached directly to the costume, whereas before it had tied around the neck. She then unbuckled her belt, which before the change had been merely a loop of cloth tied around the skirt, designed to look as if it were interlaced with loops on the skirt somehow. Next, she pulled down her skirt, which had originally not been a separate piece of the costume. This left her clad in leotard and boots.

Fearful but determined, she pulled her arms back through the sleeves, and out through the leotard's neck-hole. She then slowly pulled the leotard down, feeling it smoothly glide over her body, feeling every delicate sensation as the fabric was dragged across her breasts, her stomach, and then her smooth, hairless legs. She then kicked it free of her body, and opened her eyes.

"So, it's really true," she thought to herself, as she gazed upon her lovely but female body. In fact, she found herself becoming aroused by the sight, and began fondling her breasts which seemed oh-so sensitive to her touch. Reaching between her legs, she explored her new anatomy, and began to rub her the palm of her hand against her clitoris while shoving her fingers inside her new opening. After several minutes of this, she found herself climaxing sensationally, with the moment lasting longer than when she had been male. Resting for a moment, she thought with a smile, "Oh, so that's what that feels like. But what would it be like with a man..." Quickly, she closed her mind to such thoughts, though. Sex with a man was unthinkable because she still considered herself to be one.

After a few moments of introspection, she knew that she had to get back to the business of getting home. She flew around and picked up her discarded articles of clothing which were floating slowly away from her. As she reached for her belt, she noticed how weird it looked here in space, as half of it was almost completely black, being between her and the sun so that no sunlight reflected off this half. Fortunately, the belt was not small or rigid enough that it could remain between her and the sun or else she might not be able to see it at all...

"Wait a minute! I'm a moron!" she thought suddenly. "I flew *away* from the Earth during the middle of the *night*. The only part of the Earth I should be able to see would be the dark part, which I wouldn't be able to see!" Though not sure that that made sense, she felt that this was an important realization. From this vantage point, she would never be able to find the Earth by looking at bright points.

Quickly getting dressed, she reassessed her options, and decided that she needed to find a place where she would be able to see the sunlight reflecting off of the Earth. Without any other landmarks to go by, she decided to fly towards the sun. She pointed herself at it, and began to accelerate, pushing herself to her limits as she had before. This time, she kept her eyes focussed on her destination; had there been scenery around her of consequence, she was sure that it would be an indistinguishable blur. As the sun blue shifted, she realized that she ought to slow down...at near-light speeds it would be hard to determine how close she was getting, since the light might not be reaching her eyes yet. Unfortunately, she had no way of knowing how fast she was going, but eventually decided on a speed that felt fast enough to actually get somewhere, but slow enough that she could still see well.

Soon, the sun loomed before her, massive and huge. She turned and began examining bright objects that might be planets, and was soon able to find the Earth. She headed for home, again at this not-too-fast, not-too-slow speed. As the minutes passed during her tedious flight, her thoughts again returned to how this was all Jessica's fault. "If not for her, I wouldn't have had to waste all this time in space, and I'd still be a guy, and oh, how I hate her..." This became her litany as she flew, all her thoughts focussed on her anger.

Eventually she reentered Earth's atmosphere, and was able to find her way home. The sun was going down, and she considered going to bed, but decided to visit Jessica, to have it out with her once and for all. Swooping down to Jessica's apartment, she knocked, careful to control her superstrength, and was momentarily answered by Jessica, who wore a look of surprise and relief.

"Sean! You're back! Where were you? I was so worried," Jessica began. "Come in, come in, tell me everything that's happened."

Sean was taken aback at first by this friendliness which cracked the shell of anger she kept around her thoughts. Stepping inside, she was further distracted as Jessica hugged her, and continued, "Gosh, it's so good to see you. Well?"

Sean began to try to explain, but found herself hesitating, unsure how to reconcile her anger with this thoughtful, caring person.

"Oh, wait," Jessica remarked, not letting Sean get a word in edgewise, "Come see what I've made for you." Jessica led Sean over to her bedroom, to a new door that hadn't been there before. "Go ahead, open it."

Sean stepped towards the door cautiously, noting a key sticking out of a keyhole. She turned the key, and felt the door unlock. Pulling the key out of the keyhole, she noticed what a peculiar key it was...it was yellow, and looked like an arrow, like the key to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. She opened the door and looked inside...and saw a tremendous room filled with all manner of equipment and memorabilia.

"It's for you," Jessica stated, noting the surprised look on Sean's face.

"It's...It's wonderful," Sean commented, still in shock. Against one wall was statuary consisting of Jor-El and Lara holding up the planet Krypton, just like in Superman's Fortress. Over on one table, she could see a model of the bottle city of Kandor. A variety of statues represented the friends and allies of the comic book Supergirl, including her pet Streaky, the super-cat. There was even a wall with various lead-lined drawers, labelled with the names of different types of kryptonite; perhaps these drawers contained (fake?) kryptonite of each sort. Apart from the memorabilia, there was also a large bed, extensive computer facilities, unusual exercise equipment, and so much more.

"I'm glad you like it. I felt I should do something, since I do feel sorta responsible for you getting transformed, and I know I can't make that up to you. And now, we can be roomies."

Hearing these words, Sean realized what a mean-spirited, thoughtless heel she herself had been to be thinking such angry thoughts about Jessica, who clearly did not deserve them. A tear formed in her eye, as she was overcome with emotion.

At Jessica's prompting, Sean showed Jessica around the room, describing the significance of the various memorabilia, while also telling Jessica about being lost in space. Then, they talked late into the night (after Sean found out the date: it was now November 2nd), discussing their feelings about being transformed, and about how their lives would be different now. The bond between the two grew ever stronger. Sean began to wonder if the two of them would ever have been so close if they had not been transformed. A part of her found herself grateful for the transformation, and this surprised her.


...of this particular plotline. More to come, I'm sure...

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