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very funny

loki see's a sign that says acme repair hospital you look stund at the wild name of the hospital and turn in to the long winding drive as you and loki walk in the hospital and jesica rabbit at the desk then you see daffy duck with a doctors out fit on and push's you in a wheelchair and takes you to a exam room wow what kind of place is this you think to your self and while your waiting jesica rabbit walks in and tells you to strip you ask i thought buggs bunny was the one hurt not me well jesica grins you see you notice she is taking her cloths off you think o-boy!! jescia notice's well i see you brought a friend pointing atmy large penis now thats a nice trooper you got . why am i here im not hurt or sick no but we are and i want your body.

you think to your self take it im yours. im glad to here that she says then she pull out a huge shot neddle bigger than your armor roger rabbit walks in and you try to exsplan nothing was going on but before he could speak roger said i wanted his body .roger you can have the next one. i ask what about bugs ?? o he will be ok jescia gives you the shot whats that for then you start to change in to jesciaand you see her becoming you as the changes continue loki beams in and smiled well it could be worse loki you could have been roger rabbit insted. you here loki tell daffy duck to go in to the woods to wait for the next victem.

Written by c.d. morrison

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