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Suddenly it begins to rain.

"Poor guy" - you think - "I'd better give him a ride"

You pull over.

Now you can see that the thing this man holds is a very, very big toy. Could it be...

"Hey, is that Bugs Bunny?" - you ask (you are a BIG fan)

"Yes. And he must see a doctor. He's been shot by some cruel hunters. How could they! Don't they know that he is an endangered species!"

"O.K." - you sigh. Now you have to take this loony, no..er..this crazy person to the hospital. You wonder if he has vionent fits or something. He might be dangerous.

"O. K. Give me Bugs Bunny, I will put him on the back seat"

You take the toy, and suddenly feel it moving.

"What's up. doc?" - it asks, eating a carrot.

"It talks!"

For a moment you are taken aback, but the magic word "animatronics" springs to your mind.

"Oh, very nice!" - you giggle.

"I bet you say that to all the rabbits" - it winks and gives you a big messy kiss.

"Wait a minute, you're no toy! You're real!" - you shout.

"Of course he is!" - his companion cries angrily - "And if you don't take him to the hospital he will die!"

"And who are you?" - you begin to feel suspicious. Might he be another cartoon in disguise?

"Don't worry" - he assures you - "I'm no talking toy. I'm Loki, a scandinavian god of ... er... nice and harmless tricks"

Written by Sigyn (edited by wanderer)

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