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Scandinavian God???

You cannot see any obvious injuries on the rabbit. He might be suffering from internal hemorrhaging or something, but much more likely, Loki is just lying. You do not question your instincts and pull a sawed-off shotgun out from under the dashboard.

"OK!" you shriek. "Who wants to mess with Tommy? You wanna mess with Tommy? Hit the road, freaks!!!"

Loki is taken aback and disappears in a cloud of pollen, just as Bugs Bunny slaps you upside the head with the carrot, laughs in your face and leaps out of the car. You fire off a round as he flees, and miss. It didn't work for Elmer Fudd either. Suddenly filled with the fear that your normal, safe world might never be normal and safe again, you hit the gas and screech off down the road. You're going home. Then you drive off a cliff.

You are suspended in mid-air, marvelling at the view of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers winding their way along, thousands of miles below. The car begins to plummet. You scream. The car continues to plummet, going faster and faster. Then it hits the ground and explodes.

An ignominous doom. Have a fruitful reincarnation.

Written by Ryu (edited by wanderer)

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