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Your Worst Fear come to life

As she looks past you, a large creature walks up behind you and places its massive left hand onto your right shoulder. The Fox-girl looks up and smiles ... and then a voice booms from behind you, making your blood run cold. "What are you doing with this, this Human?!" The Fox-girl drops to her hands and knees and looks up past you at the large figure. She then begins to bow to the creature and beg for forgiveness. The large creature waves the fox-girl to run along. She gets up, bows, and runs off into the darkness with her tails waving in the air. After she vanishes from view, the hand that clenches your right shoulder suddenly pulls you around swiftly. You look up, and in the dim light see that it is another Humanoid Creature but this time it's not a Fox, but a 7-ft. Humanoid Bear. You look up at it, pale in shock, then faint, falling free of the creature's hand and dropping to the stone floor with a hard thud.

Written by James Carter Jr. (edited by wanderer)

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