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What is a nice fox like you doing in a place like this?

The fox paws at the floor; and you realize the sound you heard was its claws scratching on the floor. "So what is a cute fox doing in this old castle?" you wonder out loud.

The fox tries to stand up on its hind legs; then shakes itself and begins to grow. For a few seconds you try to reason that the growth is just fluffed up fur; but that theory quickly collapses as the fox grows to humanoid form.

A fox-girl not quite five feet tall. With three bushy black-tipped tails swishing behind her.

You pinch yourself; drawing a giggle from the fox-girl. "No; you're not dreaming." She makes a quick gesture - and a water balloon hits you on top of the head.

You shake some of the water from your hair while studying the girl. "Since when do kitsune haunt Eastern European castles?"

She freezes. "Tricks are so much easier when the target has never heard of kitsune. So what brings someone who knows of us ... here?"

You tell her how your editor stuck you with this trip. She nods when you mention the Countess. "I sensed the old magic in this place. That's partly why I picked this particular area ..." The kitsune flicks an ear as you raise your camera - and the back falls off the camera.

"No pictures, please." She giggles again - then freezes; staring at you with wide eyes. No; staring past you ...

Written by Katra

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