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Run for your life . . . it's a killer Barney!

You follow her. She slowly starts to pick up speed... before you know it she's running... and you're falling behind!

You run and run, but can't keep up with the fox girl's amazing speed! She runs off... leaving you behind. You can still hear Barney chanting as you fall asleep.

When you wake up you're in a forest-jungle-like environment. There are many humanoids staring down at you... woodpecker people, treefrog people, wolf people, alligator people, bear people, tiger people, and many more, including the fox girl.

The fox girl says, "Welcome to your new home."

You realise you can't feel your arms and legs... in fact, you don't have any! You're a snake person!

Except your tongue isn't forked and you don't smell with it! Also, your eyes are still on the front of your head (snakes' eyes are on the sides of their heads). Even your skin... well... scales are the same color. :)


Written by lugia lover (edited by wanderer)

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