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Your greatest fear!

You look into the face of the kitsune, now filled with sheer terror. You look down, and see a long, dark shadow of a giant humanoid character walking slowly toward you. The silence is broken by the quiet chanting of:

"I hate you
You hate me,
I just killed your family...".

You quickly turn around, fearing what you are about to see, remembering all of those long, sleepless nights you spent as a child in constant fear that ... it ... was after you. It has an evil, crooked grin on its misshapen purple face, and the flickering torchlight is reflected in its small, beady eyes. It continues to advance slowly towards you, dragging its left foot slowly across the floor, still looking deep into your eyes.

Still lost in its cold stare, you feel a hand on your shoulder. You scream, turn around, and see that it's the kitsune. She looks into your eyes, and says "Follow me or die, your choice." You consider the options.

Written by Duo (edited by wanderer)

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