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Just another Sunday...

by Pascal Q. Porcupine

ok.  i wrote this pretty quickly, considering i forced myself to do proper capitolization. :)  i don't care so much for the possibility of prizes as much as speculating as to what *would* happen in this situation.

i left out a lot of details, on purpose.  i wanted it to be short.  i've realized that getting into multi-part epics is not the thing for me. :) (on a related note, yes, i'll work more on my TBP story once i get some inspiration. :)

Pascal Q. Porcupine

Just another Sunday...
(c)1997 Pascal Q. Porcupine

I woke up, at 10:30, on Sunday.  As usual, I was still tired but could not sleep any longer; I layed on my bed, watching the time slowly tick by on my clock.

I didn't want to move.  I felt more comfortable than usual, nice and snugly warm, and I somehow managed to get comfortable lying on my stomach during the night.  I was in a pleasant mood, and not about to ruin it.  I closed my eyes and thought about how comfortably warm I was.  "Another Sunday," by I Mother Earth, was running through my head.  I smiled inwardly... this was just another Sunday...

A couple hours of silent meditation later, i heard noises from my roommate's bedroom, across the apartment.

o/~ always hard to get to sleep when /
weird noises are implying threats o/~

Just another Sunday... the words running through my head were typical, and fitting.  I heard Jae get into the shower, thump around a bit, turn on the water.  His usual entourage of grotesque noises syncopating with his odd habit of singing songs from Sesame Street.  I smiled inwardly... this was just another Sunday...

When he finally got out of the shower, I finally had the energy to get up as well.  I looked at the clock... 11:30.  So it wasn't a couple hours; it seemed like it though.  The silent meditations were comforting and filling, and it was just another Sunday...

I stretched, and it felt good.  I sat up, and it felt good.  My bedsheets were draped across my back, not sliding down quite as easily as usual; must be static.  It was rather dry, after all; not unusual for this part of the country.

I place my palms to my eyes, and rub them.  It feels good.  The endorphines rushed forward...  I put my arms out, and stretched, eyes still closed.  The comforting familiarity of my Sunday morning routine. Perhaps today I would go out and try something new; I knew i would only mull about, IRC and MUD, maybe do a little coding for a change.

It was just another Sunday...

I grabbed my towel, picked it up, watched yesterday's dirty clothing roll off onto the chair which my garments were all so haphazardly lumped on.  I wrapped it around my waist, walked into the bathroom, still yawning half-awakedly, eyes squinting.  Yes, just another Sunday.

Stumbled into the bathroom, ungracefully draped the towel onto the rack, stepped into the shower, turned the handle counter-clockwise.  I was immediately hit with a stream of cold water - damnit, i must have forgotten to push down the little plunger which chooses bath or shower.  I growled softly, now suddenly awakened from my dreary state.

I opened my eyes slowly, and reached for the handle again, with the intent of turning up the heat; Jae must have taken more hot water than usual.

Instead, I stood there, bending over in the shower being hit with the stream of cold water, looking at my hand.


I thought I was hallucinating... My arm was completely covered in fur, the back of it had stiff blonde--quills?!  My hand--er, paw, holding weakly onto the shower faucet handle, was four-fingered, sans pinkies, the palm barren of fur.

'The cold water?  Did that do it?' I thought, musing on Ranma.

I turned up the heat of the water.  It was now nice and warm, and cascaded down my furred chest.  'Heh... that was a stupid idea.  Of course not... But what...

'My sheets... I woke up like this?'

I continued to muse to myself in the shower, in private quiet meditation. The warm steam woke me up.  I reached over, reflexively, for the shampoo bottle.

'How am I going to do this?' I asked myself.  The shower had its usual calming effect on me; my heart was going pitter-patter but my mind was tranquil.  'Do I keep washing my hair?  Then only the quills on my head would be clean, and i might end up pulling them out...'

I stared at the lump of green shampoo (with conditioner!) in my paw.  I pressed on the plunger for the bottle a few more times, and I began smearing the green sticky fluid all over my chest, the back of my legs, and the inner side of my arms.  I lathered, rinsed, repeated.

Twenty minutes later, the hot water completely depleted, I reluctantly shut off the shower, and grabbed my towel.

I pulled my quills down - funny, it was *exactly* the same as I'd always imagined - and wrapped the towel around my chest.  I slowly stepped into my room, and sat down on my bed (raising up my tail was also *exactly* the same as I'd always imagined), and held my towel close to me, allowing it to suckle away the moisture from my bodily fur and quills.

After musing to myself, staring off into space, for a good half an hour, I stood, leaving my towel to sit on my bed, as per my usual behavior.  I walked over to my computer, pressed the Shift key to bring it safely out of power saver, and batted my mouse over to my IRC client window.

'Who to tell first... #coders, who laughed at my condition, or #tsa_list...'

/server neato.org
*** Connecting to port 6667 of server neato.org
*** Welcome to the AnotherNet IRC Network, QPorcupine! (from

Reams of the usual useless information followed.

/join #coders
*** QPorcupine (pascal@analog-ts4-17.NMSU.Edu) has joined channel #coders
*** Topic for #coders: <zillion> i am god
*** #coders deepee 870096425
-ChanServ- FAQ and information repository:
*** Mode change "+o QPorcupine" on channel #coders by ChanServ
> hey everyone. go to my webcam.
<zillion> hey qp
<deepee> qp: no :)
> dp: you especially
<deepee> hehe ok
* deepee fires up lynx
> for a webcam?
<deepee> yeah.
*** deepee has been kicked off channel #coders by QPorcupine (bzzt, wrong :)
*** deepee (phoenix@rogue.athenet.net) has joined channel #coders
*** Mode change "+o deepee" on channel #coders by ChanServ
<deepee> hehe, ok
<deepee> wow, that's a good photo-manip...
> it's not a manip
<deepee> hehe, yeah, right
> reload the image
<deepee> qp: ?!?!
*deepee* wtf?!
*** Signoff: QPorcupine (told ya so :)

I felt good.  He wouldn't be making any more jokes about "lee press-on quills" for quite some time...

I paused to take account of the situation.  I finally got my wish; to become a porcupine.  I was a 'morphic one at that, which was an added bonus.  Now what would I do?

My heart began to flutter again.

I decided to see, first of all, how much of me had changed.  I wrapped my towel back around my waist, and quickly stepped into the bathroom, closing and locking the door.  I hung the towel up on the rack, and looked at myself in the mirror.

I was considerably shorter than I was before.  I used to be able to see myself from the pit of my chest upwards in the mirror; now the medicine cabinet obscured all lower than my chin.  I estimated I was about 5'3" now.

My eyes and teeth were definitely rodent, as was my muzzle.  My ears were atop my head.  Everything was as it should be, according to the trueform sensations i had as a human.  At least, everything on my head.

I stepped back, and placed my paws to my chest.  I felt around, feeling my curved contours; I had two pairs of breasts, the upper ones about twice as large as the lower ones.  That made me not entirely 'morphic.  It also made me wonder -- since when did I have breasts?  My fat pockets always made my chest plumper than usual for a male, but not so plump that they were definitely breasts.

I continued to feel downwards.  My belly was still plump, though it didn't seem to stick out so much.  It felt like it was natural, and like my potbelly was the same mass but distributed over a wider area.  It was as I expected it to be.

I continued to feel downwards.  And it was as I expected it to be.

Nestled in my fur was a small, sensitive clitoris.  It had a urinary opening right where it would be were it a penis.  At the base of this atrophied member were no two lumps.  Instead, a tender, sensitive opening, which flinched as my long, sharp claws came into contact with it, had replaced the smooth-yet-seamed area between my legs.  Tracing backwards, I felt my anus, then my tail.

Continuing to follow my paws with my eyes, I examined the backs of my legs.  Still muscular and firm.  The heels of my feet had receded; in fact, I was balancing, as I normally did, on the balls of my feet. I gently touched the innermost toes, and they felt... new... I touched the second toes, and they felt the same as my big toes were.  Five toes in a row; I no longer had to worry about those stupid extraneous little stubs which once were my 'pinky' toes.

I cleared my throat, looking back into the mirror.  Looking closely, I traced the contours of my now-enlarged (and flattened) nostrils, felt the graceful upward curve of my lip...  It all felt new, and yet the same.

I figured I should tell Jae.  Seeing as how we lived together, it's not like I could hide this fact from him for long.

I quietly walked up towards his bedroom door.  It was ajar a crack.  I cleared my throat, softly.

"Jae?" I asked.  Good, my voice sounded more or less the same as when I was in an effeminate manic state before.


"Um... Is it safe to open the door?"

"Go right ahead."

I pushed it open slowly.  He was sitting at his computer, wearing just boxers, and IRCing.  Typical Jae.  I cleared my throat softly, and swallowed.

"I need you to see something..."

"In a minute."


He let out his effeminate faux-sigh, as he always did when he didn't want to do something.  He slowly turned towards me, and my heart was pounding.  "Okay, what is--"

I gazed at him.

"--it..." he finished, gulping.

He swallowed.  Hard.  He stared at me.

"That's a... uh... a really good costume there..."

"It's... not a costume."

I slowly padded more into his room, pushing his door open so that more than my face and upper chest showed.

He stared at me some more, his wide steel-blue eyes moving up and down the length of my body.

I cleared my throat softly, and swallowed.  "I've been meaning to tell you I'm a female porcupine trapped in a human male body... but... now, that would be a lie..."

He slowly stood up, and walked closer.  Fighting my impulse, I kept from stepping back as he approached.

He placed his hand on my nose.  I looked at it, then at him.

He reached down and picked up my left paw.  I looked at it, then at him.

He stared at my chest for what seemed like ages, then finally stepped backwards, looking up slowly at my face.

He sat down at his computer, not taking his eyes off of me.  Then convinced I wasn't going anywhere, he looked back at his keyboard long enough to type something in, and I saw his mIRC window vanish from the screen.  He looked back at me.

I slowly stepped further into his room, and posed at a 3/4 angle to him.

"I don't know what happened," I said, matter-of-factly, "but I'm quite pleased with the results."

He nodded, still silent.  I heard him gently clear his throat, then swallow.  "I...  uh..."  He looked nervously at his lap.  "I told you not to drink so much of that Josta shit..."

I nodded, even though he wasn't looking at me.  He slowly turned back to his computer, shaking nervously.  I slowly backpedalled out of his room, and turned around and headed for my room across the apartment.

I opened my wallet.  I'd need to change my identification, but I didn't know how to go about it, much less how to prove I was who I claimed to be. But it seemed that Destiny -- or whatever cast this change upon me -- was kind enough to see to these details for me.

 New Mexico Driver License
 Over 21

That was new - as far as I knew I was still 19...

 Expires 12232015

and it looked as though I wouldn't need to be renewing it any time soon.

 sex F
 eyes BLK

Just as I had imagined.

 height 506

I wasn't quite as short as I thought... I must not have been standing fully-erect when I looked in the mirror.

 weight 180

Well, I didn't lose any weight, it was just distributed differently...


and whatever caused this took every provision for me.

So as far as the legal system was concerned, I was a female porcupine named Pascal.  I rummaged around through my school records, and my name was replaced on every one with PORCUPINE, PASCAL QUENTIN, all the information matching my new driver's license.

If all that had changed, why did Jason still realize I'd changed?  Or myself, for that matter?  Or deepee...

I was overjoyed, but I had so many questions.  Perhaps whatever force caused me to be born into the wrong life to begin with figured out how to change my past in just the right ways - only changing records where they were necessary.

On a whim, I checked my dialup script.  Sure enough, my login name had changed from joshagam@cs to paporcup@cs.

Dazedly sitting in front of my computer, I checked record after record. Every single thing indicated, as far as the beauracracy was concerned, I always had been a female porcupine named Pascal Quentin Porcupine.  But apparently it was only electronic records which saw me as such.  Everyone I asked on IRC remembered me as a human male constantly convinced he was a female porcupine born into the wrong body.  They all remembered my current name as being chosen; fortunately, very few of the people online knew my previous real name, and after taking a quick picture of my license with my webcam and censoring the sensitive information i proved to them that it *was* my real name.  Well, now it was, anyway, so the point was moot.

How was I going to get on with my life, though?  Sure, as far as every legal record (as far as I could tell) was concerned, I always had been what I currently was.  That still won't stop everyone from standing and gawking at me, chastising me, becoming violent...

I knew the first thing I had to do was get protection under the Students with Disabilities Act.  I couldn't wear clothing (or at least, I had an excuse for not wearing clothing, and I wasn't about to prove that assumption wrong now that I had a chance to be legally nudist) and I'm certain some instructors would scrutinize me for wearing a "costume" to class.  And certainly the biology department would *love* to get their hands on me now...

All in all, I had plenty to do come Monday.  But today, I decided I would continue to relax, and enjoy my new form while I could.  After all, it was just another Sunday.

Copyright 1997: Quantum Porcupine <joshagam@cs.nmsu.edu> . If you want to post this anywhere else, please ask the author for permission first.       Thank you

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