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Who's Who and What's What


Here's all the full text of all the FRPG Rage cards. Everything through Phase 5 is here, with bits and pieces of Phase 6--we'll get to Equinox soon enough. We've even got Venerable Cactus Spirit--that's the card that Five Rings sends to tournament winners. (A word to the wise: do not try to get between a Garou and any kind of prize. It's like getting between a mother bear and her cubs, or a Corax and a shiny thing... except the Corax isn't as likely to rip your arms off.)

Say the word if you spot any mistakes in this list.

  • Text in red: Things that have been added to the cards by FRPG rulings.
  • Struck-out text: Things that have been removed from the cards by FRPG rulings.
  • Ruling icon ([RULING]): There's at least one note about this card in Card Notes.
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